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The project

DEPILTECH called on our team to design a specialized website that allows members to place printing orders and purchase internal company products at preferential rates. The objective was to create an online platform for managing DEPILTECH orders and purchases.

The deal

The deal for this project was to develop a specific website for DEPILTECH that simplifies the process of ordering printing and purchasing internal products. The emphasis was on user-friendliness, ease of use and accessibility at special rates.

What We Accomplished

Simplified Print Orders: We have implemented a user-friendly online ordering process, allowing DEPILTECH members to submit their orders in just a few clicks.

Facilitated Internal Purchasing: We have created a dedicated section for purchasing internal company products at special prices, providing members with a convenient shopping experience.

Preferential rates: DEPILTECH members can benefit from special rates for internal products, thus providing an economic advantage.


The creation of the DEPILTECH site was an essential project to facilitate order management and purchasing management. Our goal was to simplify these processes for DEPILTECH members and provide them with a user-friendly experience.

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