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The project

Takamoa studio is delighted to present its project to create a website dedicated to a seamless, fluid online shopping experience. Our aim is to enable Homestore customers to instantly see product variants and prices in just a few clicks, simplifying their decision-making process.

The deal

This project represents an important milestone for Takamoa studio. We aspire to offer Homestore customers a platform where they can browse products, discover the different variants available, and find out prices in an instant. Our focus was on intuitive, user-friendly navigation.


What we’ve achieved

Intuitive navigation: We designed a simple, intuitive user interface that allows customers to browse products with ease. Categories, filters and search options have been optimized for an effortless browsing experience.

Instant visualization: Each product is presented on the website with high-quality images and a clear list of its available variants. By hovering over a product, customers can instantly see the prices for each variant.

Customization options: When it comes to customizable products, we offer user-friendly tools so customers can choose the options that suit them, with real-time price updates.

Comprehensive information: Each product sheet includes a detailed description, customer reviews, and specification information, ensuring informed decision-making.



Creating the Homestore website for easy product viewing with just a few clicks was an essential project for our company. Our aim was to make online shopping as simple and transparent as possible for customers.

We’re proud of the end result and can’t wait to share it with you. So if you’re looking for a smoother way to view products and prices, look no further. Homestore is here to simplify your online shopping experience.

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