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The project

La Varangue sought our expertise for a major digital transformation to modernize its existing website. The central objective was to revitalize La Varangue’s online presence, giving the site a contemporary look and feel, while offering a crucial new feature: online booking. Our mission was to make La Varangue’s digital experience more attractive and convenient for visitors.


The deal

The deal for this project was to completely rethink La Varangue’s website, modernizing its aesthetic while integrating an online booking function. The aim was to create a website that reflected the beauty and charm of La Varangue, while offering guests the option of booking their rooms directly via the site.


What we achieved

Modernized presentation: We redesigned the layout, visuals and aesthetics of the site to give it a modern, attractive appearance, while retaining La Varangue’s characteristic charm.

Online booking: We’ve integrated an online booking function that allows customers to check room availability and book their stay in just a few clicks, offering a smoother, more instantaneous booking experience.

Enhanced customer experience: The site’s redesign aims to offer an optimal user experience, with intuitive navigation and detailed information on La Varangue’s rooms, services and offers, all to better meet visitors’ expectations.

Mobile application: In addition, we have developed a mobile application designed by Takamoa, enabling customers to book and manage their stay conveniently from their smartphone.



La Varangue’s digital transformation and the integration of online booking mark a major step in the company’s evolution. Our aim was to modernize La Varangue’s online experience while simplifying the booking process for customers.

We’re proud of the end result and can’t wait to share it with you. If you have any other digital transformation projects or are looking to improve your online presence, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you to bring a new dimension to your business.

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