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The Project

MEANZ sought our expertise for the creation of an online platform dedicated to the administrative management of its training center. The main objective was to simplify the tracking of learners, trainers, manage documents and enrollments, as well as integrate e-learning modules.

The Deal

The deal for this project was to develop a complete platform for MEANZ, offering advanced functionalities for the administrative management of the training center. The aim was to make the entire process more efficient and transparent.

What we achieved

Learner and trainer tracking: We created learner and trainer management tools, enabling effective tracking of progress and performance.

Document management: The platform enables efficient management and storage of documents related to courses and administration.

Simplified enrolments: Enrolments are now managed electronically, simplifying the process of verifying attendance.

Integrated E-Learning: We have integrated e-learning modules to provide learners with online educational resources.


The creation of the MEANZ online platform represents a major step forward for the administrative management of the training center. Our aim was to simplify operations, optimize transparency and facilitate access to educational resources.

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