Cœur à cœur

The project Cœur à Cœur sought our expertise for the creation of a logo and graphic charter in line with the theme of heart, blood and charity. The objective was to design a visual identity that reflected the organization’s mission, centered on charity and support for those in need. The deal The deal for this […]

Convention des rois et des sacrificateurs

The project CRS entrusted our team with the mission of designing a logo that embodies royalty. The key element was to use the color purple to convey a sense of grandeur and elegance. The goal was to create a modern logo that evokes the feeling of royalty. The deal The deal with this rebranding was […]

Les jolies moineaux

The project JMX asked our team to create a motion design advertisement. The objective was to design a captivating animation featuring a bird learning to fly. This visual metaphor was to reflect the image of education provided by JMX. The deal The deal for this project was to develop a motion design advertisement that tells […]

Advertising video – Nysary

The project The design of an advertising motion design video for Ny sary Studio was one of the first projects that Takamoa Studio carried out. Ny Sary is a daughter company of Ymagoo, a specialist in photography and videography. Ny Sary is a professional Photo studio in the Akoor Digue shopping center In addition to […]

Advertising video- Ti’Bouffe

The project We’re pleased to present our motion design video project highlighting the three essential steps in ordering from Ti’Bouffe: registration, ordering and delivery. The aim is to make the ordering process clear and engaging for customers.   The deal This project is central to our commitment to providing a seamless ordering experience. Our mission […]