Cœur à cœur

Cœur à cœur
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Cœur à cœur


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The project

Cœur à Cœur sought our expertise for the creation of a logo and graphic charter in line with the theme of heart, blood and charity. The objective was to design a visual identity that reflected the organization’s mission, centered on charity and support for those in need.

The deal

The deal for this project was to design a logo and graphic identity that powerfully communicated Coeur à Coeur’s message. Key graphic elements had to include representations of the heart, blood and elements of charity to embody the organization’s mission.

What we achieved

Evocative Logo: We created an evocative logo featuring heart, blood and charitable elements, symbolizing Coeur à Coeur’s commitment to charity.

Meaningful Color Palette: We developed a color palette that represents the theme of heart and blood, while evoking feelings of warmth and empathy.

Appropriate typography: Typography was chosen to be both legible and engaging, reinforcing the organization’s credibility.

Coherent graphic charter: The design of a comprehensive graphic charter ensures that Coeur à Coeur’s visual identity is consistent across all communication media.


Creating Coeur à Coeur’s logo and graphic charter was an important assignment for our team. Our goal was to design a meaningful and engaging visual identity that illustrates the organization’s mission of charity and support for those in need.

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