• Logo & Graphic charter






The project

Glitzy called on our expertise to design its logo, a task that had to subtly marry the world of fashion with a touch of prestige. The objective was to create a visual emblem that embodied class and elegance, while reflecting the luxurious nature of Glitzy’s products.


The deal

The deal for this project was to design a logo that harmoniously combined the elements of fashion and prestige. The design had to be refined and sophisticated to represent Glitzy’s range of luxury products.


What we achieved

Timeless elegance: We created an elegant logo that evokes the grace and timeless style associated with the high-end fashion industry.

Touch of luxury: To reflect the exceptional quality of Glitzy’s products, we incorporated a subtle touch of prestige, using graphic elements that evoke sophistication.

Refined design: The Glitzy logo is a visual work of art, precisely crafted to capture the essence of fashion and luxury in a distinctive image.



Creating the Glitzy logo was an exhilarating project, showcasing our ability to marry the elegance of fashion with the sophistication of luxury. We’re proud of the end result, which perfectly represents the class and quality of Glitzy’s products.

We look forward to sharing this achievement with you. If you have any other graphic design or branding projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help you realize your vision.

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