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The project

Sparta Company entrusted our team with the task of designing a logo that captures power and strength, while remaining elegant and simple. The main idea was to create an iconic image of the letter “S” that subtly incorporates the essence of a Spartan warrior, all in a clean design with a subtle touch of gold color.


The deal

The project’s deal was to create a logo that embodied the power and robustness of the Spartan image, while maintaining a simple, elegant aesthetic. The gold color was to be used sparingly to add a touch of prestige and value to the logotype.


What we achieved

Clean logo: We created a simple logo that presents the letter “S” in a distinctive way, subtly recalling the image of a Spartan warrior. The minimalist design allows instant identification.

Touch of gold color: To add a sense of value and excellence, we incorporated a touch of gold color in a subtle and refined way, bringing a note of prestige to the logo.

Powerful symbolism: The logo evokes the strength, bravery and power associated with Spartan culture, while preserving a contemporary, elegant aesthetic.



Creating the Sparta Company logo was an exciting challenge for our team. Our aim was to capture the power of Spartan culture while maintaining simplicity and elegance. We’re proud of the end result, which symbolizes the strength of the company while maintaining a timeless aesthetic.

We look forward to sharing this achievement with you. If you have any other design or branding projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be delighted to help you bring your ideas to life.

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