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Maître Renard



The project

Maître Renard entrusted our team with the task of modernizing its visuals while maintaining consistency with its existing graphic charter. The objective was to create contemporary, striking visual elements that reflected modernity while remaining in harmony with the company’s visual identity.


The deal

The deal for this project was to revitalize Maître Renard’s image by creating modern visuals in line with current trends, while respecting the guidelines of the graphic charter to maintain brand consistency.


What we achieved

Current visuals: We designed modern visuals that bring a fresh touch to Maître Renard’s image, while remaining consistent with the company’s values and personality.

Harmony with the graphic charter: We ensured that the new visuals fit harmoniously into Maître Renard’s existing graphic charter, guaranteeing continuity of the brand’s identity.

Balance between modernity and tradition: The visuals created embody modernity while respecting the traditional elements for which Maître Renard is renowned, offering a balanced and captivating visual experience.



Modernizing the visuals for Maître Renard was a challenging project for our team. Our aim was to create a contemporary aesthetic while maintaining consistency with the brand’s identity. We’re proud of the final result, which breathes new life into Maître Renard’s image while preserving its unique character.

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