Les jolies moineaux

Les jolies moineaux
  • Motion design

Les jolies moineaux


After Effects



The project

JMX asked our team to create a motion design advertisement. The objective was to design a captivating animation featuring a bird learning to fly. This visual metaphor was to reflect the image of education provided by JMX.

The deal

The deal for this project was to develop a motion design advertisement that tells the story of a bird learning to fly, thus symbolizing the learning and education process offered by JMX. The emphasis was on creativity, emotion and audience engagement.

What We Accomplished

Visual Narration: We created a visual narrative using immersive animation to tell the story of the bird learning to fly.

Educational Metaphor: The animation was designed so that the bird’s experience reflects the challenges, successes and achievements of JMX learners.

Audience Engagement: The animation was designed to evoke emotion and audience engagement, thereby reinforcing the positive perception of JMX as an education provider.


JMX’s motion design advertisement is a creative work that managed to visually capture the essence of the education provided by the client. The story of the bird that learns to fly offers a powerful metaphor for learning and personal development.

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