Advertising video- Ti’Bouffe

  • Motion design



After Effects



The project

We’re pleased to present our motion design video project highlighting the three essential steps in ordering from Ti’Bouffe: registration, ordering and delivery. The aim is to make the ordering process clear and engaging for customers.

The deal

This project is central to our commitment to providing a seamless ordering experience. Our mission was to create a captivating motion design video that guides users through the key stages of the ordering process.


What we achieved

Visual illustration: We created an animated motion design video featuring characters and visual universes to represent the three ordering steps in a playful and engaging way.

Step 1: Registration: The first part of the video explains how to register on the platform in just a few clicks, showing the steps involved in creating an account.

Step 2: Ordering: The second part highlights the process of selecting dishes, adding them to the basket and personalizing orders.

Step 3: Delivery: The third and final section explains how the meal is carefully prepared and delivered to the customer’s workplace.

Simplicity and clarity: Each step is represented in a simple, clear and visually appealing way to facilitate understanding.



Creating this motion design video to illustrate the ordering process at Ti’Bouffe was a crucial step. Our goal was to make the ordering process as easy to understand as possible, while making it visually appealing.

We can’t wait to share this achievement with you, and offer our customers a fun and informative way to understand how to order at Ti’Bouffe. If you have similar projects or are looking to make your ordering processes more engaging, please get in touch. We look forward to working with you.

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